Hi! My name is Todd Heminger and I live in Rockford, Michigan with my lovely wife Andrea and our three kids. I am an electrician by trade and that is how I’ve been earning a living for most of the last 20 years.

You may be wondering why I have a website. I sometimes wonder that myself, but God has been so good to me and taught me so many valuable things that I felt compelled to share them with the world.

My Story

Let me give you some background. I grew up in a fairly typical Midwest American Christian home. Like most kids in that demographic, I had a lot of dreams and wanted to grow up to change the world someday and make it a better place. Now I don’t want to give the impression that I had a lot to offer or even thought that I did, on the contrary, I felt quite insignificant as a child. The reason I felt I could have an impact on the world was due to the influence of my parents, church and the Bible.

I grew up attending church and Sunday school and reading the Bible and I saw example after example of ordinary, rather uninteresting, and often severely messed up people, being used by God to accomplish miraculous things. I guess this gave me hope that God had a similar plan for my life, I just wasn’t sure how to discover what that plan was.

After I graduated high school in 1992 I began my career as an electrician. Actually, for the first year I was more of a trench digger, wire puller and job site cleaner upper but you get the point. I really enjoyed the work and the thrill of living on my own and earning my way in the world. It was exhilarating to be supporting myself and working toward a goal. I didn’t think that this was the path to God’s purpose in my life but it felt good to be independent.

By the summer of 1996 I had passed my Journeyman Electrical exam and received my license and was ready for the next challenge of life, marriage. I married my first real love, Veronica, and we embarked on our lifelong journey together.

I’m sure you can guess the next stage of life we encountered. Yep, kids. We were blessed with Jonah in the spring of 2001 and Caden in the summer of 2004. Our spontaneous freestyle life took a serious hit but we were more than happy to make that sacrifice. Parenthood was difficult and wonderful at the same time and you could never quite get the hang of it. It kept us on our toes and we loved every minute of it.

The Nagging Feeling

My life had developed into exactly what I had envisioned as a child. Wife, kids, house, good job, good church, friends, etc. The only problem: I still hadn’t figured out exactly what unique purpose God had created for me. I was content with life and didn’t have any real complaints, there was just this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I wasn’t doing enough for God. That there was some other bigger thing that He wanted for me and I was missing out on a more fulfilling life.

In a way I guess that feeling was correct, I just wasn’t quite expecting the path I was about to walk. My whole world was about to be turned upside down.


Within a 4 month stretch, from Oct 31, 2004 to Feb 21, 2005, I would lose both Veronica and Jonah in two different tragedies. It was through this dark stretch of my life that I really learned what faith looks like and God started to reveal a purpose in my life that I never would have envisioned.

My Goal for this Site

So that brings us to the website. I feel the truths that God taught me as I walked through my valley are applicable to all areas of life. I want other people to know that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always a light at the other end. I want people to be inspired to share their own stories of loss and suffering with others so we all have encouragement to walk our own valley when the time comes.

And finally, I want people to experience a true connection with God and use their difficulties to grow closer to Him and learn more about His character and the love He has for us all.

I hope you can find some useful information on this site. Please let me know if you can think of anything that would help make it better.